Mount the cloud on your desktop

Looks and works like a local volume.

One tool for all services

Connect to Amazon S3, Google Storage, Google Drive,

Drag and drop

Even between cloud services.


What cloud services are supported?

WingFS lets you connect to Amazon S3, Google Storage, Google Drive, FTP and SFTP. More cloud services might be added later.

What operating systems are supported?

WingFS currently supports Mac OS X10.6 or later.

How do I install WingFS?

Download the software and double click on the installer. WingFS as well as OS X Fuse will be installed on your Mac. Once the installation is completed, you can connect to your different cloud services. More information here.

How do I upload files?

WingsFS mounts a cloud service like a regular desktop volume. You can therefore drag and drop files, as well as open the files and folders in the finder.

How much does it cost?

WingsFS is free of charge.

Who do I contact when I run into problems?

If you run into any problems when using WingFS please contact us by email.

Does Archiware offer cloud storage?

Archiware, the maker of WingsFS, does not offer any kind of cloud storage. Cloud storage can only be purchased from supported cloud services.

Why is Archiware doing this?

We know the challenges for anyone wishing to store large amounts of data in the cloud and we want to help develop a viable solution. More information about our take on cloud storage is available here.

Does WingFS work with other Archiware products (P4)?

WingFS does not support the connection to P4 Backup, Backup2Go, Synchronize or Archive.

Does WingFS work with Archiware P5?

Archiware P5 Synchronize integrates with WingFS. It enables P5 Synchronize to replicate files to and in between cloud services, as well as backup data from the cloud to a local storage.